3 Things Healthy People Are Doing On Their Lunch Break

Did you know that 65% of working Americans tend to eat lunch at their desks while continuing to work??
How much time are we really saving? And is it causing more stress? Healthy people seem to think so.
6 Top health and fitness experts were asked about their daily lunch routine here’s what they said:

1.) Always prepare your lunch beforehand
Rushing and being unprepared to find something to eat can lead to impulsive unhealthy choices while at work. Put the Doritos down!

2.) Always get up and away from you desk
Even if you’re walking to the water fountain, get up! Take a 10 minute walk or eat your lunch outside. Your brain needs a cognitive break especially during mid-day give it to it.

3.) Eat your dinner for lunch
Utilizing last night’s leftovers helps cut down on the preparation the morning of. Portion out your leftovers that night so you can grab n’ go in the morn’.