4 Ways To Jump-Start Your Intimacy

Have you ever found yourself asking: “Where did the passion go?”. Unfortunately this is an all too common of a question for people choosing to be in a committed long-term relationship. It seems after the first year or two those “butterfly” feelings seem to dissipate and irritability seems to set in. Is it possible to get that fluttering feeling back??? You’re in luck!… Relationship experts seems to think so.

One of the most common reasons that couples contribute to their lack to passion is: “not having enough time”. With couples working fulltime, fulfilling family demands, and child rearing- passion falls to the way side and intimacy becomes mundane.

Here’s 4 simple ways to jump start your intimacy without paying out the wazoo for a relationship expert:

  1. Connect. Intimacy is all about connection- both emotionally and psychically. Find a time before leaving for work and before going to bed that’s dedicated to 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation time with your other half.
  2. Date night. Never miss a date night! Date night should occur every week to facilitate and sustain intimacy. It also shows your partner they’re important to you. Ladies, don’t be afraid to plan a date night. Don’t leave it all up to the male species.
  3. Phone-free. Schedule a time every night that you both agree to put the phones down and away for the night. Phones are very distracting and greatly impact a couple’s deeper connection.
  4. Face-to-face. Be mindful of facing each other when having conversations. When we get used to being around someone too long we unconsciously turn our backs to them which leads to a break in connection. Oh, and while you’re at it make eye contact 😉