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4 Ways To Jump-Start Your Intimacy

Have you ever found yourself asking: “Where did the passion go?”. Unfortunately this is an all too common of a question for people choosing to be in a committed long-term relationship. It seems after the first year or two those “butterfly” feelings seem to dissipate and irritability seems to set in. Is it possible to…

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What’s the point of Ethics?

People are often curious about ethical codes in the mental health field and the purpose of there existence. Questions often asked include: “What was the real purpose for developing the first Ethics Code?” and “Do they ever make changes to previous outdated ethical codes?”. Here’s a brief explanation… The first Code of Ethics was created by the…

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3 Reasons Companies Are Using Business Psychology To Enhance Performance

Is there an exact science to improving employee performance? Successful companies such as Bomgar, Pixibility, and The Sky Factory seem to think so. All 3 companies have one thing in common: Organizational Behavioral Management. By implementing OBM to their daily operations, these companies have seen a dramatic turnaround in their overall companies success in a very short amount of…

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Experts Finally Agree- Diet Affects Mental Health!

The old saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t ring more true. Finally, after many painstaking years, experts have agreed that the food you put in your body affects your Mental Health. Food is now (officially) medicine!! What we ingest on a daily basis is making a cumulative impact. According to Dr. Wilson, when you eat…

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Positive emotions and adaptive behaviors play in leading a satisfying and productive life. Previously, psychologists thought that the study of positive emotions was less meaningful than that of negative emotion and serious psychological disorders. However, recent research has concluded that an awareness of positive psychological traits can be significant. By increasing a sense of autonomy,…

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