Counseling for people that actually want LASTING  change.

Imagine if you could have the life you deserve with the means you already have.

What I Know...

When you first met your partner, you imagined having that endless warm fuzzy feeling about them… looking forward to every time they’d call, longing for the next time you’d see each other… but your dreams were quickly destroyed when that warm fuzzy feeling quickly dissipated. You now find each other arguing about anything you can get your hands on.

This is a perfect example of how dysfunctional patterns can quickly overtake a relationship.

After many years of schooling, self-help books and my own counseling, I’ve discovered that quick tricks and easy concepts don’t work for lasting change. I know, I tried them all! Over time you just go back to your old bad habits with another wave of discouragement. Through my own frustrations, I’ve learned how to really help clients and how to make that change last. The way I approach counseling is diverse. I focus on lifestyles changes then simple tricks.

Through continuously bettering my own life, I have found the most useful and efficient ways to get the things you really want. And yes, it’s achievable.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients succeed in reaching their own personal goals whether it’s improving their relationship or finally getting out of that job they hate.

I find enjoyment in helping clients discover a healthier understanding of themselves and the people around them.

Now’s the time to better your own life.

In Good Health,

Aniesa Hanson, LMHC, PhD (abd)

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